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We have consulted for many business leaders in a wide variety of industries, assisting with critical tasks from simple marketing plans to development and successful implementation of complete business plans. We know what it takes to run a company from the ground up—to obtain funding, develop an eye-catching brand, design and streamline critical business processes, hire and train the right workforce, and support daily operations by presenting a professional marketing message consistently across all delivery channels (traditional and online).

We have extensive experience in the real world working in various positions–computer programmer, IT consultant, marketing rep...all the way up to senior management for a multi-million dollar company that went public on the NASDAQ. We thoroughly understand the entire distribution channel for a product-oriented operation as well as a service-oriented operation. Our experience in the real world gives us the edge over other consulting firms, and we can give you the edge because we understand how the correct MESSAGE can make you money. We have award winning writers, top Internet marketers, graphic designers, and programmers on staff, and we’re ready to help with your current or future projects.

Client Comments

Below are client comments from recent projects. Note that some of our clients require anonymity, thus in some of our work samples, we have modified identifying information while maintaining the structure of the layout.

Gubba - Confessions of an American Streamer
Gubba Book
"Great job on my book!" – Gubba Rating Stars


R.F. Kristi - Ninja Spy Cats, Cats in Provence & Christmas Cats
Cats Books "Thanks for your excellent help creating, editing, and marketing my books." – R.F. Kristi Rating Stars

GASP! Airway Health – The Hidden Path to Wellness by Dr Michael Gelb / Dr Howard Hindin
Gasp Book "Michael and I continue to be overjoyed with the response we are receiving to GASP. We thank you for all you have contributed to the success.” – Howard Hindin DDS, Hindin Center Rating Stars

Kionne L. McGhee – Conquering Hope: The Life You Were Destined to Live
Kione Book "Thank you for all your work. We are currently a bestseller on amazon. Thank you. Thank you." – Kionne L. McGhee Rating Stars

John Millar – How To Turn Your Idea Into A Multi-Million Dollar Business
John Book "I have just released my new book, which hit best seller in all categories just 6 HOURS after it was released on Amazon! I have no doubt a significant amount of that success came directly from JK and his team at ABC, who have worked tirelessly with me to finish my 5 year journey with a highly professional, fabulously presented and eminently readable business book that will be of great benefit to any budding entrepreneur or existing business owner looking to take their small business to the next level. It is no exaggeration to say that without their support, guidance and assistance I would not now be published let alone an Amazon Best Seller." – John Millar Rating Stars

Dr. Debra Laino – Sex Therapy 101
Debra Book "ABC Writers did an amazing job editing my book and adding graphics where they were needed. Working with my editor was a very positive experience as he excelled in the work he did. I am so very pleased with the work and look forward to working with ABC again soon!" – Dr. Debra Laino Rating Stars

Monroe M. Diefendorf Jr. – A Better Way
Roey Book "This is my 4th time bringing a book from thought to finish. JK at ABC has a process that has truly made this latest book the easiest to produce. In fact, I’ve already got an idea for my next book and ideally ABC Writers will take on the project." – Monroe M. Diefendorf Jr. Rating Stars

Lloyd J. Streisand – Mortgage Power – An Asset in the Making
Lloyd Book "It is very hard to take the time to write a book, so finding a person who would be committed to helping me author this book was one of the very nice experiences I had. I found JK from ABC Writers… he showed me and reminded me of the professionalism that I believe in." – Lloyd J. Streisand Rating Stars

Joerg Muenzing – From Chaos To Control & Lean Audit
Joerg Book "My feedback: reliable and professional with focus on quality. I can recommend their service to anyone thinking about writing a book." – Joerg Muenzing Rating Stars

Mikayla Holmes – The Road to Resilience & Free to Be Me
Mikayla Book "JK is extremely professional and diligent. The end results exceeded my expectations. I have used his services for a couple of books and would highly recommend him and will be using his expertise again. Five star feedback… Sincere thank you from the bottom of my heart." – Mikayla Holmes Rating Stars

Deborah C. Owen – Social Media Fascination
Debbie Book "ABC Writers is a professional, responsive, excellent marketing and design firm. Great ideas, thorough service, a pleasure to work with. Highly recommended. Thanks for everything!" – Deborah C. Owen Rating Stars

Alan Brown – Heavens Above
Alan Book "12 months ago, I finished my second manuscript and had no idea about how to get it published or printed after a company that I had used for formatting my first novel seemed to have disappeared. Then I found JK at ABC Writers. He took me quickly and painlessly through the final stages of the publishing process all at a very reasonable fee. My novel, Heavens Above, is now available in print, on Amazon, Kindle and iPad formats. I highly recommend ABC Writers to any aspiring writer wanting to take their manuscript through to the published version. I will definitely be using their services again when my current manuscript is finished." – Alan Brown Rating Stars

DMI – Forest Management Plan
DMI Book "Simplifying a complicated and lengthy manual for the use of the general public on a topic that was complex was a daunting task, yet Juggernaut produced an extremely valuable publication for us. With very little direction, they produced a professional, visually pleasing, and logical document that we will use for our customers and the general public. Highly recommended and we will continue to use this company for our publication needs." – DMI Team Rating Stars

Jacqueline Wales – The Fearless Factor
Jacqueline Book "I have had the pleasure of working with ABC Writers on several projects including my book, The Fearless Factor, and the accompanying Study Guide. The craftsmanship of the design and layout on all my products was superior to anything I had experienced in other places, and the help I received with editing was invaluable. I highly recommend ABC Writers for your book production if you are looking to create well-designed and sophisticated products." – Jacqueline Wales Rating Stars

Dick Peterson – I’ve Got a Choice
Dick Book "ABC Writers is an outstanding organization. I recently contracted with them to assist me with the production of my book, I’ve Got a Choice. I was astonished at their foresight and their expertise along with their excellent advice. They provided me with all the necessary guidelines and their input made my book much better. I recommend ABC Writers to anyone who is entertaining the idea of writing a book or any other written product. They will certainly be an asset to those who come in contact with them." – Dick Peterson, Montana author Rating Stars

Chad Currin – Competition Domination
ChadBook "It was an absolute pleasure working with JK and ABC Writers. I have used other writers in the past and this has been the best experience with outsourced content writing. I will certainly use JK and ABC Writers again. I not only got great quality work but they stayed on schedule even as some chaos in my life prevented me from living up to my side of the equation. I am one VERY PLEASED client!" – Chad Currin Rating Stars

Mikayla Holmes – Your Sign – Get In Sync
Dick Book "I am extremely grateful for all the services that JK offers. They were very professional and honest. My book started as a word document in a random order and went to a well presented book, selling on Amazon as a paperback and kindle. With their help and guidance the missing information I needed for my book was inserted with graphics, proofed and ready to hit the best seller status. I would highly recommend them and will certainly use them again for my next book." – Mikayla Holmes Rating Stars

Web Design

Web Design

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    • SEO
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Graphic Design

Graphic Design

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    • Custom Illustrations
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